Oil gold collection 23k

Olio Gold Denakeo
Olio Gold Denakeo


The elegant and refined gold box with a coat of arms, embellished by Swarovski crystals. It encloses in the gold oil collection of 23k gold flask.


Product Description

An emotion without parallel…

Olive trees bathed in sunlight, Sicilian hilltops where the Tonda Iblea is born.
Olives picked by hand then cold pressed to create this special oil, the pride of oil production.
This is what DENAKEO offers you.

The addition of flecks of gold only enhances this precious condiment, reserved for the most discerning of palates.

The ancient Egyptians used gold in this way, believing it rendered them immortal.
Many ancient civilisations added gold to their food as a way of aspiring to the divine.

In Renaissance Europe golden objects graced banquets and tables adding lustre and refinement to food and drink.

Gold is completely edible with no side-effects. It does not affect the taste of the food over which it is sprinkled.
It poses no threat to health. In fact there are those who believe it is good for the heart.